The Studio Dramatic Lighting Make Your Picture Beauty

Pictures create memories, they create joy. Nothing makes the heart more glad than a picture that captures the emotion of a person and nothing does that than a studio with the right lighting.
You might need a bold kind of lighting to get the best reaction to your photography, and there is no better style than the dramatic studio lighting.


Dramatic Studio lighting has become an essential part of Art, the art of capturing moments. As photography becomes more sophisticated and continues to evolve the appropriate use of Dramatic studio lighting and the use of the right Studio lighting kits becomes more important than ever. Dramatic studio lighting utilizes the contrast with harder edges on the shadows and the sculpting of the object captured. Studio dramatic lighting is as dramatic as it comes, but there is no need for sophisticated lighting studio kits if you know what you are doing.

dramatic studio lighting

  Because of the expected effects of dramatic studio lighting, it is usually advised to use a light source which is smaller and farther away than the usual suspect, a close-up an umbrella. It is essential that the photographer finds a way to control the spread of beam from the light source. The beam could be controlled with the use of grids, feathering, flags and snoots. Another studio lighting kit you shouldn’t forget in a hurry in getting the dramatic studio lighting is the strip boxes.Stripboxes come in handy because they are narrow yard they do have soft sources of light with a lot of control.


  The stripboxes is a studio lighting kit that allows for flexibility, it enables the photographer control the axis of the beam by rotating the box to the desired angle, with the addition of a grid the photographer is good to go. He is able to have a narrow beam yet still have it preserve it’s softness. The ability to control to a large extent the angle where the light falls is one a photographer who aims to get the dramatic studio lighting effects is grateful for. The stripbox is quite important but a very important factor is the location of the dramatic lighting source.

It is important to know that it is the position of the lighting that creates the much-needed sculpting of the object at the center of the photography.

For the Dramatic studio lighting effects the background should go totally black with probably a little nudge somewhere .

The dramatic images have begun to catch the fancy of a lot of photography enthusiasts all over the world, while the portraits still depends on the photographer who is taking the pictures it still relies on using the best art studio lighting to get the desired effects.


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