Why Do Led Lights Work So Well In Live Concerts?

When seeing pictures of famous pop stars in concerts, the thing that is going to cause the most attention is the amount of lights that are being used. It’s impressive the show that they put on and how in relation it is with the lighting and the effect this are programmed to produce, this is why LED lighting manufacturers fight for this type of gig. Dramatic studio lightingis very present in the touring life of performers, so much that the whole light setup even travel with the band.


The architectural lighting companiesfight for a job related to concerts because they are in charge of the whole process, from designing the stage to setting it up, to running in during the performance and cleaning it all off after the shows. It’s really not an easy task that is sometimes even underappreciated.


Visually, lights play a very important role in concerts as they are one of the defining factors that create the atmosphere where the emotions of the spectators are played with.  When it’s a rock song there are the strobing lights and when it’s a ballad slow the LED follow spots may be illuminating the singer. They really do play an important role but how the luminaire works just be well-hidden and not noticeable, the center of attention is the performer not the lights themselves.

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There are various types of lights that are useful for concerts from Fresnel lights, strobe lights, beam lights and even follow spots, to just name a few. These last two products are even available with LED lights. These are very popular as they are commonly able to recreate various color combinations with the simple push of some buttons. They’re also popular because they don’t utilize much electrical power and they barely produce heat.


The major goal of concert lighting is to be able to make each person that is up on stage be identifiable, that watchers are able to tell the identity of each individual person. But as well is important that with lights the show becomes more alive, vivid and fun. The lights then become as important to the show as the sound might be. Because in really it doesn’t matter how good the band may be and sound if the concert is done in complete darkness.


LED lighting manufacturers and companies know how important concerts are and how they can be in the same level as art. So it’s important to find a good company that offers high quality products. A great example is Color Imagination, an online distributor that whether is back light for live concert performances or front light for theatre they know the importance of lights and they are happy to provide to events to satisfy this factor.


They specialize in having a great variety of special luminaires that work great in different situations. Having a good and reliable commercial lighting company makes it easy for light designers of concerts to let their imaginations run wild.

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