Application Of Modern Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever been to Zhangzhou Happy Ocean theme park? There are many waterproof par lights and warm white fresnel light in there. According to this article, you will know some knowledge about Happy Ocean theme park and modern outdoor lighting.


Basic information about the park:

Zhangzhou Happy Ocean theme park is based on the theme of the sea. Of course, water is not enough, and water shows are even less. There are two large pools built in the park that are specially used for water shows. At the same time, in order to provide good lighting conditions for the camera, video, scenery, and actors, and to create a variety of artistic atmospheres, the park installed 120 units of the SI-036A waterproof par light and 20 units of the SI-143B LED warm white fresnel light from Color imagination above the pool, provided adequate lighting preparation for the water show.


Here is the application of outdoor lighting:

SI-036A LEDPAR 543IP waterproof par light , which is an ultra-high power IP65 rated outdoor LED par light, has been welcomed and loved by customers for several years since its launch. In May of this year, as many as 96 units were installed under and around Guangzhou Baomo Garden archway. This Par light uses 54*3W LEDs, 50,000 hours of service life, low power consumption, very suitable for large-scale outdoor performance use. Small size, lightweight, but with a bright output, Infinite color mixing system and rainbow effect, RGBW color uniformity and pure features, built-inDifferent kinds of pre-programmed macro effects with variable speed,0-100% smooth linear dimming. The par lights are installed above the pool and on the stage and provide good lighting conditions for the actors to perform in different atmospheres.

SI-036A LEDPAR 543IP waterproof par light

SI-143B FRESNEL 300AZ-WW LED warm white fresnel light, this is a high-definition LED video studio light, with linear motorized zoom system from 15 ° -50 °. Using a 200W COB LEDs, 50000 hours lifespan and low power consumption, 0-100% smooth and precise linear dimmer, color rendering index (CRI): Ra≥92, pure colors. It is installed in front of the pool, making the stage rich in color gamut, providing the actor with a very natural light. These Fresnel lights are ideal for theaters, houses of worship, conference rooms, special photography, TV studios, exhibition centers, universities and schools, hospitality, retail, clubs, etc.

SI-143B FRESNEL 300AZ-WW LED warm white fresnel light

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