How does one choose the right architectural LED lighting?

Have you ever been confused how to choose the right architectural lighting and where to buy led lights? Here Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited gives you suggestion to you.

Introduction of architectural LED lighting

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Adoption the of state-of-the-art technology like LED technology can help in cost savings. They are quite sturdy and usually glassless. Their durability and lower sensitivity to extreme temperatures make them safe to be used in the commercial buildings and other business facilities. The low maintenance of the architectural LED lighting, which is an amalgamation of art and technology, reduces the repair, and replacement cost significantly. The transformation from traditional lighting to the LEDs reduces the carbon footprint, leading to a reduction in the increasing utility costs.

The production lighting used for the museums, exhibitions, landmarks, heritage, retail, and leisure is termed as the architectural lighting. Along with a beautiful architecture, the architectural lighting creates a wonderful experience which can impact the mood of the people present there. It can be the general illumination of an area or feature the lighting based on a particular subject. Architectural area lighting using specialized LED technologies illuminates the building facades, gardens, statues etc.

The main purpose of the architectural led lighting fixtures is to enhance the design experience of the buildings and various physical structures. The architectural LED lighting comes with various specifications. So, you need to have a proper understanding of these factors before opting for architectural area lighting. Here is the list:

  • Beam Spread

Depending upon the amount of lighting needed to highlight an artifact, furniture, painting or any other prominent structures, the beam spread can be chosen, which is measured in terms of degrees.

When general lighting is used, a wider beam and for spotlighting, a narrower beam spread architectural LED lighting is used. Multiple beam spread lenses are also offered by some manufacturers.

  • Light output, driver and dimming system

Light output is measured in lumens. The amount of light required to illuminate an area determines which architectural LED you need to purchase. An electrical engineer or light designer can calculate this and offer you the advice. Depending on the chosen lighting control system, a driver can be selected to suit it. Now the 0-10v dimming is quite a popular dimming system.

  • Color Temperature

There are various color temperatures ranging from warm to daylight. The yellowish hue is 2700K and bluish hue or the daylight is 6500K.2700K or 3000K is preferred for residential purposes to have a warm and cozy appearance. For commercial or business purposes, 3500-4000K is the suitable color temperature that supports better efficiency. In the case of industrial applications, the color temperature is above 5000K.

  • Color rendering index

It is defined as the ability of the light to render a color precisely.CRI 80+ or 90+ are commonly available. The price of CRI 90+ is much higher, which is used for residential lighting purposes in states such as California.

  • Light distribution

There are 3 types of light distribution options available, i.e

direct which provides downlight only, indirect which provides uplight only and the one which is direct/indirect.

  • Mounting Type

There are fixtures available for architectural lightings such as surface mount, recessed mount that is used when there is sufficient space in the ceiling and the pendant or wall mount which are used in adjustable aircraft cable kits. Trimless or trim recessed architectural fixtures are available. The timeless one provides a cleaner and architectural appearance.

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