Different Ways Of Decorating With Special Effect Lighting

There are lots of exhibition lighting suppliers that introduce a huge number of LED lights available in the market. These lights are considered as the most essential part of to decorate the stage. They are used in different ways to give an amazing and extraordinary look to your stage. While some of the people can’t understand the actual methodology and usage of these lights and they can’t offer the best special effect lighting on their stage. In this case, they can’t enjoy the expected outcomes even they use the best LED lights available in the market. Well, here we are going to describe some of the amazing event lighting effects that you can use for your stage decoration:


1. GOBO Branding

You can use a custom glass GOBO though a source-four light fixture can offer an amazing effect and unique decoration look to your stage. This technique is very much effective in small spaces and can be suited for all kind of themes and ideas. In addition, it is also a cost-effective method.


2. DIY Jars

You can encapsulate a bunch of LED lights into some jars for a decoration purpose. It is a very much cost effective decoration method which can also easily be adjusted in all kind of spaces whether it is indoor or outdoor. You can also easily carry them from one place to another without any kind of trouble. In fact, they can also be used at every table to give the decorated look to the entire space rather than applying it only on the stage.


3. LED Chandelier

The LED lighting chandelier can offer an amazing colorful look to the staging area. You can use different LED light color tubes and combine them to make a colorful and artistic LED chandelier for your stage. This method will effectively suit the opening of an art gala and reflects the nature of the idea for which the event has to be organized.


4. Lighting Box

You can offer a lighting box look to your staging area. You can use multiple trailing lights and lift them around all the sides of your stage, it will give an amazing and VIP look to that area. It will also help to prominent the stage from a distance if you had arranged the event in a larger venue.


5. Use Studio Lights

Studio light is one of the best ideas among all the LED lighting methods. You can use them for spotting the stage or the person standing over the stage. This thing offers a great look and amazing lightening environment for space. You don’t have to only use them for the stage section. You can appoint them at an appropriate place so that it can cover all the space of your event. If you use the studio lights, then there is no need to use any extra lighting for the decoration.

For this purpose, you can use SI-125 AUTO 310CW studio light which is manufactured by the best led lighting manufacturers named “Color Imagination”. This method is the best among all.

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