• ProFollow 2500 ProFollow 2500
  • ProFollow 2500 ProFollow 2500
  • ProFollow 2500 ProFollow 2500
  • ProFollow 2500 ProFollow 2500
  • ProFollow 2500 ProFollow 2500

Model: SI-180 ProFollow 2500

The ProFollow 2500 is a professional high output long throw follow spot featuring the included Philips MSD 2500 HR 7200K lamp, 750 hours average lamp life, 240000 total lumens, 30000LUX@10m(5°) and high CRI(Ra≧85). The functions include 5°-12°manual zoom, 6 dichroic colors plus white, mechanical dimming, manual focus, IRIS and shutter. The fixture will come with a pro stand with 60° manually adjusting angle and a power box. The optimum throw range is 8m-40m.

The ProFollow 2500 is applicable for large scale live concert, theatre, TV studio, high end wedding, etc.


  • 1*Philips MSD 2500 HR 7200K lamp, G38 lamp holder
  • 750 Hours average lamp life (Lamp life may vary depending on several factors including but not limited to: environmental conditions, power/voltage, usage patterns (On-Off cycling), control, and dimming)
  • 240000 Total lumens, 30000LUX@10m/5°
  • 96 lm/W luminous efficiency
  • Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra≥85
  • Optimized high definition optical system for improved photometric performance and field uniformity
  • Projector-quality, high contrast aspheric lens
  • Manual zoom system from 5°-12°
  • Flat and even spot image
  • Smooth manual focus system with focus knob at the side
  • A focusing knob at the side to adjust reflector back and forth
  • A focusing knob at the back to adjust lamp left and right
  • A focusing knob at the back to adjust lamp up and down
  • Beam edge continually adjustable hard-to-soft
  • Smooth and precise manual mechanical dimming
  • Friendly manual IRIS system
  • Manual shutter system
  • Color changer with 6 dichroic colors plus white (not including color filters)
  • Highly efficient low noise multi-zone cooling of lamp house and oversized lamp holder heat-sinks for maximum reliability and durability
  • Strong sheet metal construction for durability
  • Friendly wrap-around handle with comfort, safety and practicality from all operating positions
  • Moving parts on top for easy access to all parts for cleaning and maintenance
  • Fast locking parts for easy lamp assembly and replacement
  • Pro stand included, with 60° manually adjusting angle and height adjustable
  • Power switch available with fuse
  • -20-45℃ Max ambient temperature
  • IP20 protection rating

Input Voltage: AC110V or AC240V 50/60Hz, 25.6A
Lamp Quantities:1*OSRAM SIRIUS 330W 7000K lamp
Power Consumption: 380W
Net Weight: 52kg

Power Box Specs
Input Voltage: AC110V or AC240V 50/60Hz, 27.6A
Rated Power: 2700W
Net Weight: 30kg

Packing Specs
Wooden Packing
Packing Dimensions: 1595(D)*832(W)*345(H)mm (Wooden packing)
Wooden Packing Weight:
Gross Weight:

Flight Case Packing
Packing Dimensions: (D)*(W)*(H)mm
Flight Case Weight:
Gross Weight:


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