Life During Nighttime: City Color Light

It’s not uncommon that during the spring there is a lot of rain in the cities which makes everything to be a little bit sad. But imagine the same scene but now a city with blinking colorful lights that despite the rain it shines bright. This is the reality in more places thanks to architectural lighting companies which are able to manufacture and sell waterproof moving head lights which are perfect to illuminate any building, no matter the weather.

Lights are very important as they are not only able to improve the life of people but as well create a beautiful scenery. It definitely elevates the appearance of a city, because nowadays the light doesn’t have to be only white but it has the ability to change into different colors, creating a lively image. Light literally can bring a place alive as it makes a place usable even after the sun goes down.

Lights, when positioned properly, can make a building look like a piece of art, they are able to enhance the beauty that already exists. So it’s not only a functional thing but as well it has a beauty aspect.


A great example of how lights help a place during the nighttime is a project that has been made by the company by the name of Color Imagination. They are an online company that specialize, since 2007, in the manufacturing and distribution of lights that can be used to light up concerts, live shows, theaters, KTVs, weddings, schools, to name some.

So with their long arrays of products they were able to complete a project which goal was to illuminate the Baomo Garden, that is located at Guangdong Province in China. This location is actually a very prestige leisure resort that receives a lot of visitors, being both of national and international origin. The project consisted of placing 96 waterproof par light of 54 3W LED lamp beads, which are of small size and are light-weight, but with a capability of high brightness output. By request of the park the lights were able to change from RGB color to cool white light of 6500K.

With this product, when night falls the stone arch, which is a very distinctive characteristic of the garden is able to light up and become an iconic landscape.

Color Imagination characterizes on manufacturing waterproof products that are able to withstand rain, so they are practical while still being beautiful. They are able to resists temperatures from -20°C to 45°C and with the LED lights being able to achieve a rainbow effect which are perfect qualities to be utilized in large outdoor performances and to illuminate outdoor buildings.

So, lights during the night are being able to transform completely a space and bring life to the otherwise dead darkness. The lights are able to colorfully paint a whole entire city if the correct products are acquired which is the ultimate goal. 

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