The Rising Popularity Of PAR Can Lights

LED lights are best known for their energy-saving characteristics which save a lot of money. They are durable and come with a lifespan of about 100000 hours which is much higher than the conventional lights. These are used in homes as well as for commercial purposes. The PAR can lights from light manufacturing companies are generally used in concerts , nightclubs etc. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of the LED par can lights which range from the minuscule PAR can 16 to the 1000 watt PAR can 64.


Why is the par can light named so? PAR actually stands for a parabolic aluminized reflector which is a sealed beam lamp that bears resemblance to the automobile headlights. The distinction between various types of PAR lamps is done on the basis of their diameter that is measured in eighths of an inch. So, now we can say that PAR can 64 has an 8-inch diameter. In front of the PAR cans, one can find a space for a gel frame, where a colored gel can be inserted into the frame to get the desired illumination. This is necessary especially during the theatrical or musical performance to have a colorful surrounding.



    Besides this, there are variety in the wattages as well as the beam spread of these PAR lamps. The types of beam spread are the narrow spot, medium flood, and wide flood. The LED par cans for sale has a mounting bracket to which the light bar is bolted by the use of a pipe clamp.

  The rising popularity of the PAR cans these days can be contributed to its fixture simplicity and versatility which keeps the power and wattage of the beam within the lamp as well as enables the production of a wide range of beams just by changing the lamp. This versatility has made the lightweight and low-cost lamp quite popular among the touring groups.

 The  LED par cans for sale are also used by the DJs, bands as well as architectural accent lights which throws lights on the sides of the building or a steel grated bridge, to provide a beautiful appearance during the night time.


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