Types Of Studio Light Sources

Most of the studio lighting equipment falls into two general categories. This includes:

  • Strobe lighting
  • Continuous lighting


Both of these light sources are commonly used in outdoor and indoor settings. Depending on the requirements, moving head LED lights are often also used. However, it is advised to get them from only the most reputed moving head LED lights manufacturers in town. Well, some film directors and photographers like to make use of a setup in which both the strobe lighting and continuous lighting sort of compliments each other well.


In general, there happen to be two types of stroboscopic lamps. These include:  

studio -lighting

  • Mono-lights: Mono-lights are strobe lights containing both the controls and the flash consolidated within a single device. As a result of this, they happen to be quite portable and easy to carry around. Moreover, mono-lights also happen to be powered by an internal battery ruling out the need for extra electrical connections.


  • Generators: They generally contain two main components. These are lamp blocks, and a control unit also referred to as the main generator. A generator could either be mounted on to a tripod, in front of the camera or can also be placed on a floor. Since generators are light and compact, they are most commonly used by photographers and movie makers to add just a little more depth to their film.


Traditionally, a power pack system such as a moonlight offers a great amount of control over the transportation and the costs. Indeed, they are known as the cool lights for video studio due to their ease of usage and compactness.  Since most of the moonlight systems can be used either on battery or direct power, they are suitable to be used in any kind of studio setting. Many filmmakers use them in combination with some good moving LED lights from good moving LED lights manufacturers such as Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited to achieve their final film.


On the other hand, a pack-and-head system works in a different manner and limits the movement inside a studio. This is because, in this light source, the power pack gets plugged into wall plugs whereas the flash head goes into the power pack via an electrical cord. A mono light is far more suitable in this case as it removes the complexity of having two separate connections. All that it needs is a single wall socket and you are good to go. However, do keep in mind that a separate wall socket will be required for each moonlight that you wish to use.


However, before actually beginning the shooting process in a studio, some characteristics of lighting devices must be taken into account. For instance, one must consider the color temperature. This term as direct connections with what we call White Balance. Due to a difference in color temperature, a combination of a powerful continuous light and a strobe light could cause weird mapping of colors which may become difficult to correct in the post-processing phase. the


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