Why You Should Have Dramatic Studio Lighting in Your House

Do you know that having a dramatic studio lighting in your house can help you improve your skills in photography? If you are a photographer, but can’t afford to buy or rent a studio, using dramatic studio lighting can help you get good photography results at home.


You can use dramatic studio lighting or architectural indoor lighting from a good stage lighting company to get your home ready for photography.

While renting a photo studio, there are many overhead costs to consider such as rent, electricity, various other bills, and insurance. It is, obviously, a worry for people who are new in their professional lives or are on a budget.

Therefore, as a more convenient option, such people use their homes as a photography studio as well. It may sound a big step, but you can always start somewhere.

Other than the fact that you can just get out of your bed and start shooting, or shoot in your pajamas, there are many other benefits of using your home as a studio.



Here are some reasons you should light up your home with dramatic studio lighting:

1.Short Commute to Work:

Using studio dramatic lighting from a stage lighting company allows you to a short commute to work. You don’t need to get ready and leave for the studio.
Just wake up, get fresh, prepare your coffee, and start planning your next shoot. It is as simple just because your studio is in the next room.

2. Technology Options are Good:

If you don’t own a photography studio, instead of renting a space for a day, lugging a big monitor for tethering is not a good idea at all.
Tethering is an important aspect of photography. The main difference between working at home and working in a one-day-rented space is using a big tethering screen vs a small screen for this purpose.

3.More Props:

Ever get ready to shoot, only needing a blue scarf that could put an astonishing touch on your client’s wardrobe – a scarf which is actually you have at home?
Obviously, you cannot put many things in the studio, until you know that you will need them. However, when you are working from home, everything lying around your place can become a prop.


Naturally, you are more relaxed at home. Relaxation enhanced your creativity, and as photographers, you need to be creative.
Moreover, when you invite a client over your place, they get to know you better, and it helps in creating a bond between you can your client.
For a more candid and natural image, you need to have a connection between your subject, and inviting your client at home, is the best option to do this.

5.Background Options:

In a studio, you usually have a white or colored seamless background to use. However, at home, you can use different rooms from various backgrounds for your indoor photo shoot.


To convert your home into a home studio, you can use some good architectural indoor lightings. This would be your one-time investment and even if you plan to shift to a dedicated studio in future, you can still use this equipment.

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