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6 Tips for Choosing Waterproof Lights

When you ponder upon the idea of buying moving head LED lights a lot of questions might arise in your mind such as:

  • Which moving head LED lights to purchase?
  • Which ones are the finest?
  • Which one must be chosen over the other?

If you are perplexed by these questions and cannot figure out the solution to your problem then we would suggest that you take the guidance and help from Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited which is a renowned moving head LED light manufacturer. Their company is based on innovation and research. They only provide high-quality products to their customers where customer satisfaction is the main goal.

Tips for choosing waterproof beam and moving headlights

These tips will help you choose your waterproof LED lights in an intelligent way:

1. Price : Whenever you want to buy something you have a price range in mind which should not be exceeded. The smart way to shop is to pick a LED light which is in between your price range rather than exceeding it.

2. Weight : Weight is usually something that is not problematic as most waterproof moving heads and beams are lightweight. Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited offers lights which are lightweight for example it’s Model: SI-176B IP3500 has a net weight of 16.2kg and a gross weight of 21.5kg. Each model has these details in its specifications.

3. Brightness : Brightness is the most important thing that has to be considered while buying LED lights as the main purpose of it is to light an area. Yes! It is quite difficult because mostly lumens are measured in a number of ways. If two fixtures have the same lumens, it can have different effects based on the way they were measured. The characteristics like light color, size and shape have to be considered as well as the batteries. So it’s best to contact the company and inquire about this.

4. The quality of beam : Mostly the quality of beam depends on your needs. Some people are looking for centered beams while the others might want a beam that is evenly spread out. Choose the type of beam intelligently as it is the most important attribute. Color Imagination LED lighting Limited is a waterproof beam light manufacturers that offer beams with 2-degree angles. 

5. Durability : The durability of the waterproof moving head and beams depends on the company you are purchasing from. Obviously, you would want lights that are durable and last longer than usual. For that Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited is your pick as it is a certified company.

6. Waterproof : For activities that have to be conducted outside waterproof moving head and beams are more accurate as they are more suitable for adverse weathers. If you are using the other beams or moving heads for outdoor functions and it rains you will exhaust all your lights. The waterproof lights are a cost-effective and efficient way of lighting not just for outdoors but for indoors as well.

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