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Take your photography and videography to new heights with our state-of-the-art studio lights. Our range of led studio lights has been carefully designed to provide versatile solutions for stunning visuals. Whether you’re shooting portraits, making videos, or experimenting with creative lighting setups, our professional studio lights deliver superior performance and reliability.

Discover various ways to express your creativity with our professional studio lighting. Our lighting options are designed to meet the needs of different projects. We have a variety of studio lights, including the Fresnel, panel, profile, and mini profile series. These lights cover all your lighting needs. All of these series are equipped with a very versatile dimming system with 4 preset dimming curves and reasonable LED drive frequency. Color rendering index ≥90 and can be customized.

We pay close attention to detail when crafting our studio lighting. This shows our commitment to delivering high-quality products. Our studio lighting for photography has adjustable color temperature and high color rendering index. This ensures accurate, vibrant color in every frame.

In addition, our studio photography lighting equipment are user-friendly and have durable construction, making them powerful tools for creative work. Inspire your creativity and turn your vision into reality with our exceptional led studio lights.


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