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Follow spots are powerful lighting equipment used for live performances such as concerts, theater productions, and other stage events. In our exceptional follow spot series, our lighting fixtures not only have exquisite design but also have powerful functions that bring endless possibilities into your performance. The main function is to highlight and track specific performers or objects on stage, ensuring they remain well-lit and visible to the audience.

Our follow spot lights feature manual zoom, 5 or 6 dichroic colors plus white, mechanical dimming, manual focus, IRIS and shutter, ensuring you can create a unique show in a precise and innovative way. Manual zoom allows you to freely adjust the focus according to stage needs, and 5 or 6 dichroic colors plus white selective light sources will provide you with colorful expressions. Mechanical dimming, manual focus, IRIS and shutter control functions allow you to adjust the light as you like during the performance to present the best visual effect.

The follow spot light operating system is carefully designed to allow you to quickly and accurately adjust the lighting to ensure it follows the performers’ every move. In addition, our follower spot led lights come with a professional stand that can be manually adjusted to a 60° angle, providing you with more flexible projection options and creating a more eye-catching stage effect.

Follow spots are critical to drawing attention to key elements of the performance and creating a visually engaging experience for the audience. The optimal throw range of our led follow spot light series is 4m-50m, allowing you to use them in different scenes. Color Imagination’s follow spot lights feature exquisite design combined with advanced lighting technology to provide you with superior visual effects.


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