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Advantages of Moving Heads

To better brand our business, Color Imagination has been researching & developing more professional lighting fixtures. We know well that, with rising customer requests and industry development, the latest generation of moving heads should integrate digital projection capabilities, creating a real convergence between lighting and video projection. Thus all our latest launches are capable of providing full complement of professional characteristics.


Our led moving head lights range from professional profile fixtures, spot lights, beam lights, wash lights, video effects, par lights, etc. We have led prospot series profiles available at 800w/600w/500w/300w, led spot & beam series at 300w/200w/150w/90w/50w, led zoom wash series at 15w/25w/40w/60w/240w (single led bulb). We have bsw and beam series too at 470w/380w/350w/280w/230w. Also, we have led special effect series for dynamic visual effects, as well as those necessary par lights.


Color Imagination moving head lights for sale, either led prospot series, led spot & beam series, led zoomwash series, lamp bsw series, lamp beam series, or special effect series, can provide professional effects for lighting designers when programming. The automated framing system can further shape the beam and control unwanted spill. The pattern wheels with gobos, either rotating or static, can project images for spinning effects. The animation wheel can project special dynamic flame or ripple effect. The color wheels with dichroic color filters are perfect to change the color of the beam. Variable, the incremental cyan, magenta and yellow color-mixing filters can vary beam color via subtractive color mixing. And the color temperature correction can be available either during color changing or via an individual ctb/cto. So we can imagine that a much wider range of colors can be created via the controlling system. The linear frost filter can create hybrid wash effects. The automated lens trains are used to zoom and focus the beam. And the iris is used to change the size of the beam. The independently controlled prisms can creative more dynamic visual effects. And, the mechanical/electric dimming can vary linearly the intensity of the light output, while the shutters create high-speed shutter/strobe effects.


Furthermore, Color Imagination professional moving heads can support dmx, rdm, artnet, wdmx, standard or optional. Whether being used for concert and touring, live tv productions, corporate shows, cruise line or houses of worship, stadium-sized stage and live productions, Color Imagination is an ideal choice.



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