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Our range of battery powered stage lights is not restricted by electrical sockets, offering you true stage freedom. Whether it’s an outdoor concert, roadshow or party, our battery powered led lights can illuminate your show wherever you need it, breaking the constraints of power constraints and unleashing your creativity.

From battery powered led bar lights to battery powered led par lights, our range of battery powered lights brings together the latest technology and the richest color expression to bring endless possibilities to your performances. Battery powered led bar lights bring you a wide range of light beams, while battery powered led par lights offer more options for your stage performances with their colorful color combinations and adjustable beam angle to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

In addition, we also focus on lightweight and portability, making it easier to set up and adjust battery powered lights on the scene. The lightweight design is not only easy to carry, but also makes the installation and adjustment of these battery powered lighting fixtures more flexible and efficient, ensuring that you can install and adjust the lights quickly and smoothly before and after the show.

Battery powered led stage lights not only bring unconstrained freedom but also rely on high-performance battery systems to ensure long-lasting and stable lighting effects. The system is designed to maximize battery life and provide reliable and long-lasting lighting support for your show, so you can focus on delivering a great show without worrying about lighting interruptions. Unleash your creativity and let Color Imagination’s lights add unique magic to your show!


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