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All You Need To Know About LED Pixel Panels

LED pixel panels are very unique and attractive. Once placed on the wall, it will catch everyone’s attention no matter what. These bright lights know how to put on a show. LED pixel panels are versatile and can be easily controlled. Above all this, they are not at all expensive. Nowadays these intelligent lights are trending more and more. Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited is a LED pixel panel supplier that provides quality LED lights.

What are LED Pixel Panels?

An LED pixel panel is a flat panel that has an array of LED lights small in size as pixels which give a video like experience. These are bright and can be used outdoors even, as they are visible in the daylight. They are perfect for displaying names of stores, signs or billboards. LED pixel panels have the ability to provide illumination for visual display when they are used for lighting stage or for serving some other decoration purpose. The unique feature of changing colors is the reason why they are used in illuminating things. They have a long lifespan so basically, they are just a onetime investment. Their flexibility makes them easier to be utilized anywhere.  Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited is pixel panel manufacturer who is a certified manufacturer.

Benefits of LED Pixel Panels

The following are the benefits of LED Pixel panels:

  • The LED pixel panels have a long lifespan and are very strong as compared to other incandescent bulbs. Since the pixel panels have LED lights installed in it they outlive all the other lights.
  • The mode of working of LED light is independent and possesses a DMX mode.
  • They possess a unique ability to control sound. A pixel panel with bright lights and sounds is the right way to attract attention.
  • The microphones are built inside the panel so you don’t need extra speakers for sound.
  • Numerous programs can be controlled at a time in a panel. A rough estimate is of 22 programs.
  • They don’t have to have a uniform color for instance white. The pixel panel has the feature of changing colors to make it look more attractive.
  • The LED pixel panel lets you control each LED light individually. For instance, if a panel consists of 64 LED lights you can control each one of them separately.
  • Usually, the pixel panels are installed on walls. A whole scene can be created by joining different panels together for creating an impact.
  • Lastly, the LED panels have the ability to power different devices.

Where can LED pixel panels be used?

The pixel panels can be used anywhere. It all depends on your imagination, creativity and how you choose to incorporate the qualities of LED pixel panel together to create the visuals that catch everyone’s attention. They can be used in clubs, bars, windows, room interior, shops, hotels etc.
Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited provides wholesale LED pixel panels and that too on reasonable rates.


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