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How LED Wall Washer Suppliers Are Helping The End Users?

An LED wall washer is a high-power light emitting diode that provides uniform light and draws attention to a specific area. LED wall washer suppliers aim to manufacture lighting products that highlight various textures and structures. Architectural lighting company offers LED wall washers with numerous optics, which are designed to improve architectural indoor lighting. The best thing about these lighting products is that they can change their colors while projecting. For instance, the multi-color wall washers include millions of diodes which project various lights with different brightness levels.


Architectural lighting company has designed wall washers in such a manner that they can easily be programmed to alter their color. LED wall washer suppliers provide wall washers in several types such as multi-row LED wall washer, square, linear or round wall washer, and many more. Inner chips are incorporated in LED wall washers to let them get a dynamic lighting effect. The driving power of wall washers can range somewhere between 12v-220v. It varies depending on the wall washer type, however, the users can adjust the most appropriate working voltage as per the need of their working station.


LED wall washers can be used for both outdoor and indoor. However, the outside temperature should range between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, or else the users will face the malfunctioning of the lighting system. These lighting systems are waterproof and dustproof. Majority of the wall washers use high-power light emitting diodes because of their suitable quality-price relationship. These lights have a complex nature that’s why they can be used to light walls, stages, clubs, art galleries, parks, and hotels. Plus, they can also be utilized to light advertisement boards, facades of commercial buildings and museums, and buildings. Generally speaking, these lighting products are commonly used in hotel rooms and clubs as they supply a discrete, intimate light that is eco-friendly and cost-efficient. 


Wall washers are manufactured with various materials and the commonly used materials are toughened glass and waterproof aluminum. Their lighting source is 1w high-power light emitting diode and customers can get LED wall washers in RGB (red, green, & blue) or monochrome color range. The projection distance fluctuates on the basis of the lighting source. For instance, if a typical LED is used then the projection distance will be 12 meters. But if the lighting system encloses a high-power LED then there will be 50 meters projection distance. The best thing about LED wall washers is that they are durable and can last for more than 100,000 hours.


Stage lighting or commercial lighting fixtures distributors and wholesalers should buy LED wall washers from leading LED wall washer suppliers in order to get high-quality products. Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited is a top-rated architectural lighting company that supplies LED wall washers to commercial lighting fixtures or stage lighting distributors and wholesalers. Moreover, Color Imagination also supplies architectural indoor lighting for both commercial and residential places. Distributors and wholesalers can book an order online through their official website http://www.color-imagination.com

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