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The Show Must Go On With The Waterproof Moving Head Led Lights

LED lights have taken over with a BANG! All the lighting companies have started using LED lighting fixtures rather than using the traditional incandescent and CFL ones due to many reasons. Moving head LED lights are trending nowadays.  One such moving head LED lights manufacturer is Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited. These LED lights are energy efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Waterproof Beam Light

Beam lights are a directional forecast of light that is radiating from a source of light. These are compact fixtures specially designed to give out a bright beam of light from a small foot mark. These are adequate for places which have limited space. Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited produces waterproof beam lights that can be used anywhere. They are especially suitable for outdoor events so that if it rains the lights don’t blow up or shut down. The rain falling on the beam creates a magnificent effect that can lighten up your event more. The rain is no longer a curse that is casted upon your event for destruction. Another place where these waterproof beam lights can be used is sports stadiums. The waterproof beam lights provide high-quality light with beams that curtail glare. They are easy to install and does not require much time even.

Waterproof Moving Head Light

In order to provide strong colors and excellent projection, the internal system is augmented along with improving the quality of all the components. The waterproof moving head gives an amazing performance. They have been tested with increased and decreased temperatures, water test, vibration test, aging test in case of full light and lastly increased pressure test. The waterproof moving head possesses all these qualities.


  • High-performance IP65 RGBW light
  • Five dimming modes. Slow – fast transition at will.
  • DMX, RDM, and W-DMX
  • Accurate 16bit dimming performance
  • Die-cast aluminum body for better protection outdoors
  • Practically maintenance-free
  • Flicker-free / Programmable scenes
  • Cooling system

The luminaire comes with a heat dissipation device. It also has a temperature detection device which is installed at the top of the lamp.  The built-in program will run the secondary compensation radiator according to the real-time state of the lamp. It can reduce unnecessary energy loss while ensuring a good working environment for lamp beads.

Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited has been in business since 2007. Since then they have provided quality products to its customers. The company is based on research and innovation which keeps them up to date to the changing trends in the market. All the lights manufactured by the company are LED as the demand of LED is increasing due to their benefits. They are a company with numerous certifications and their partners include CREE, OSRAM, SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR. Customer satisfaction is the key to their success. Give them a chance to light up your world with their amazing water beam and moving head lights. It`s time to host outdoor events without stressing about the weather. The waterproof lights will glow even in the rain. 

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