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Sunshine livehouse


How many people have ever said,Sell your dreams and replace them with the one-meter sunshine in the ancient city of Lijiang, China


Because of the beauty there,Belongs to the whole world.Whenever the autumnal equinox,

thousands of miles of sunshine are scattered from the sky,On this day, all people who have been illuminated by

the sun will have beautiful love and a happy life!This is the story of Yimi Sunshine


And the dream will eventually come true slowly,

The one-meter sunshine livehouse located in Lijiang has a grand opening.We are fortunate to have cooperation.

Build a romantic and passionate livehouse in Lijiang Old Town together with the brand.

Let everyone truly sunrise in the east and fall in the ancient city at night


Livehouse will have a different performance theme every night,Of course, a national stage with traditional Lijiang characteristics is indispensable.

And the theme design of the night was through our lighting equipment.And the design of the choreography lighting engineer combines the characteristics of

the national dance feelings,Play a very beautiful stage effect.The beauty of the stage effect that night, combined with the passionate atmosphere,

Push the atmosphere of the scene to the extreme.Thanks to the brand for choosing and cooperating with color imagination!

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