What Is The Best Lighting For Your Art Studio?

So you have set up your art studio finally. It must have been really stressful. Now to the lightings, yeah, it can be stressful as well but Color Imagination’ has got you covered. Ideally, having a constant daylight (full spectrum) would be great but we both know that is far from possible and remember your art studio lighting go a long way affecting the quality of your painting. Thus, we made this guide to help you choose the best lighting for your studio.

Things to Consider

1. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): The CCT of a bulb, usually rated in Kelvin, involves the intensity of the light bulb. It tells how cool or warm the light beam is. Lower Kelvin rating means warmer light beam which may tint your subject (model or still-life setup) reddish yellow. Higher Kelvin rating, on the other hand, means cooler light beam which may tint your work blue. The goal is to get a full spectrum bulb, that is, one with a Kelvin rating of 5500 but if you would rather go for a cooler light then get one of 7500k.

2. Color Rendering Index (CRI): This is a measure of the ability of a bulb to illuminate colors effectively. CRI of a light source is usually compared with the sun (natural light source) and one with a corresponding CRI is termed the best for an art studio. The sun has a CRI of 100, thus, a bulb that has a CRI rating between the ranges of 80 – 100 is your best bet.

3. Luminosity: This involves the brightness of the light source. Measuring the brightness of a bulb is difficult as it entails different features and controls. A proper illumination of your studio would require multiple fixtures. The number of fixtures differs depending on the artist’s taste.


Top 3 LED Dramatic Studio Lighting

Having considered those basic features, the next question would be which studio light to choose from yeah? Well, color imagination just launched a new series of HD LED studio lightings which is a must have for every dramatic studio.

1. PROFILE 300/200/150A

This product is one of the HD ultra quiet LED studio lights recently launched by PROFILE series. It is built with die-cast aluminum alloy housing and features an adjustable 2-in-1 ambient temperature (3200 to 5600K) that allows you tint your subject with different colors. This professional spot light is designed with interchangeable lens tube and varying angles for onsite application. Profile 3000/200/150A can be fitted in 19o, 26o, 36o, or 50o field angles and comes with an individual control for the different COB LED modules. The high light output provides an even light coverage irrespective of the light condition with variable speed strobe effect, macro effects and built-in programs. This flicker free bi-colors studio light is furnished with other features such as; high CRI (90), manual focus, automatic control, DMX control, 3 metal cutting slot, glass reflector (which removes over 90% infrared radiation and reflects above 95% of visible light), adjustable beam head, low noise cooling fan to protect against overheating, smooth linear dimmer and an average life span of 50,000 hours.


The flicker free Blinder 2100S-WW is one of the latest studio light integrated with adjustable cool/warm white temperature (3200 to 5600K). It is designed with varying COB LED modules which are fitted in 100o field angle and controlled separately. it also comes with features like; variable speed strobe effect, ultra high light output ([email protected]), varying macro effects, sound control, even field coverage, multiple built-in programs, smooth dimmer control/dimmer curve, low power consumption, 50,000 hours life span, high color rendering of above 90 Ra, double mounting brackets, preset variable dimming pulse effect, 0 – 100% smooth linear dimmer and specific optic system with a beam angle of 30o.

3. FRESNEL 300AZ/200AZ/120AZ

Fresnel 300AZ/200AZ/120AZ is a bi-color linear motorized high definition spot light which comes in different COB LED modules that are controlled individually. This light weight and compact studio lighting is housed by a die-cast aluminum alloy and produces an ultra high light output with even coverage. The flicker free Fresnel product is equipped with adjustable color temperature (within the range of 3200 to 5600K), bold rendering color (92 RA), highly efficient Fresnel lens, low  power consumption low noise cooling system, 4-button LCD display, auto control, DMX512 mode, preset variable speed strobe effect,50,000 hours life span and flat/even spot image with soft edge.


Other amazing studio lightings under the canopy of Color Imagination include; PAR 200, MINI FRESNEL 100MZ, MINI PROFILE 20, PANEL 15005B/15005, etc.

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