What Types Of AV Lights Used For Event Lighting

Event lighting is indeed quite a technical area of work. While anyone can rent/buy equipment at cheap rates and go about setting it up in an outdoor event space, perfect lighting equipment is quite rare to come by. Not getting equipment from some reliable outdoor lighting manufacturers could actually ruin an on-going event. Consider a concert, for instance. A long interruption in a concert because a couple of stage lights decided to act up, could be a big failure for your event. What would you prefer?


AV lighting

Getting expert manufacturers on board or cutting up the costs only to see an event failing? Assuming that you choose the former, the next concern would be about the types of lighting that there are. Knowing different types can help you in taking better decisions regarding what is more suitable for your event.


Different types of AV Lights used for events


As its name suggests, up-lighting simply projects the light upwards with an aim towards an object that is placed above ground level up to a significant level of height. It could very well be an object hanging in the air or a picture on the wall. Most of the times, this technique is used to light up the decorations or artwork on a wall. Even if there is nothing to highlight above the ground level, this technique could be used to create a color wash throughout a space which could then be used in a number of creative ways.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most difficult forms of lighting. This is because it requires on to take into account the condition of the natural light, followed by the lighting requirements of the event. Moreover, the light settings for an event on the day would be totally different as compared to a light setting for an event at night. Usually, paper lanterns are hung during the night to create a cozy environment. Moreover, warm bulbs and fairy lights are also commonly used along pathways to create an enchanting environment. Outdoor lighting is something that carries endless possibilities.


Consider gobo as a stencil, with various shapes engraved on it. This stencil acts as a filter for light, as a result of which an image gets projected on to the wall. This type of lighting is mostly done for architectural purposes. Architectural lighting manufacturers often make use of Gobo for projecting names of companies onto walls or projectors during events. They are also very commonly used at weddings in order to project the monograph for a bride and groom. Apart from that, they are also used in theatre widely so as to tell a story or to create enchanting scenes.  


Spot-lighting is most commonly used on the stage to focus/highlight a performer or a key figure addressing the audience. Spot-lighting can very well be considered as an opposite of lighting. Due to their precise nature, architectural lighting companies such as Color Imagination LED Lighting Limited often make use of them to create a disco ball effect.  


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